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Water/Gas Supply Steel Pipes (WGS) as per GOST 3262

 трубы водогазопроводные, ГОСТ 3262

Ungalvanized and galvanized welded steel pipes used for water and gas pipelines as well as for heating systems and structural components. According to the length, 4 m to 12 m long pipes are manufactured:

  • Water supply pipes of specific cut and multiple length with 5mm allowance per cut and longitudinal deviation +10mm per entire length;
  • Water/gas supply pipes of off-gauge length.

Upon agreement between the manufacturer and the customer, up to 5% of 1.5 m to 4 m long water supply pipes shall be acceptable in a lot of off-gauge water supply steel pipes.

For rolled thread of water supply steel pipe, up to a 10% decrease in its inner diameter per entire length of thread shall be acceptable. Weight of 1m of WGS pipes is calculated for a steel density of 7.85 g/cm. Galvanized water supply steel pipes are heavier than ungalvanized water supply steel pipes by 3%.



Wall thickness, mm

Length, m

Steel grade

From 10 mm to 80 mm

GOST 3262-75


From 4 to 12

Ст1-2КП, 1-2ПС, 08ПС

Note: The maximum deviation in wall thickness is defined by the deviations in weight of the water supply pipes. Steel WGS pipes of normal manufacturing accuracy are used for water and gas pipelines, and heating systems.

Water supply steel pipes of higher manufacturing accuracy are used for parts of water and gas supply structures.

Deviations in weight for WGS steel pipes shall not exceed 8%. Upon customer request, deviations in weight shall not exceed: 7.5% - per lot; 10% - per individual pipe.

Curvature of water/gas supply steel pipes per 1 m of length shall not exceed: 2 mm - for pipes with nominal bore up to 20 mm through; 1.5 mm - for pipes with nominal bore exceeding 20 mm.

 трубы водопроводные, труба вгп, трубы стальныеUpon customer request, water supply steel pipes with nominal bore of 6, 8, 10, 15 and 20 mm are coiled. Sample conventional notation:

Ordinary steel pipe, ungalvanized, of normal manufacturing accuracy, off-gauge length, with nominal bore of 20 mm, wall thickness of 2.8 mm, threadless and without coupling: water supply pipe 20x2.8 GOST 3262-75. The same with a coupling: pipe М-20х2.8 GOST 3262-75. The same, of specific cut length, threaded: WGS pipe Р-20х2, 8-4,000 GOST 3262-75. In case of water/gas supply steel pipes for thread rolling, in the conventional notation letter "Н" goes after the word "pipe". In case of WGS steel pipe with a long thread, in the conventional notation letter "Д" goes after the word "pipe". In case of water supply steel pipes of higher manufacturing accuracy, in the conventional notation letter "П" is indicated after the value of nominal bore.

Water supply pipes undergo 100% non-destructive eddy probes inspection; they are supplied with a hydrotesting guarantee.


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