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Electric-Welded Longitudinal Large-Diameter Steel Pipes as per GOSTs 10706 76, 20295

труба сварная, труба 2 сорт

This type of pipe is used for main gas and oil pipelines operating under various pressures as well as pipelines of fuel and energy plants and conventional pipelines (water pipelines, heat pipelines).

Electric-welded longitudinal pipes of the following diameters are supplied: 530, 630, 720, 820, 1,020, 1,220, and 1,420. GOST 20295 applies to main gas and oil pipelines the diameter of which varies from 530 mm to 820 mm; pipes with diameters of 1,020, 1,220, 1,420 for gas and oil pipelines are supplied in accordance with special plant's TU (Technical Specifications).

Wall thickness of electric-welded large-diameter pipes can vary from 7 mm to 19 mm, and their length up to 10.6-11.6 metres according to standards (in case of electric-welded pipes manufactured from carbon steels, to 10-11.6 metres).

Estimated weight of electric-welded pipe is calculated with due account for 1% on account of reinforcement by the following formula:

трубы гост 10706 76Weight of 1 metre of electric-welded pipe = 0.02466 х pipe wall х (diameter - wall) х 1.01

Most commonly, supplied electric-welded pipes are manufactured from the following steel grades: 20, 17Г1С, 17Г1С-У, 08ГБЮ, 13ГС, 13ГСУ, 12ГСБ, 09ГСФ, 10ГНБ, 13Г1С-У, 12Г2СБ, 09ГНФБ, 09ГБЮ, 08Г1НФБ, 10Г2ФБЮ.

  • Electric-welded steel pipes as per GOST20295 undergo 100% ultrasonic inspection and X-ray television weld examination at pipe ends, 100% hydrotesting, calibrated ends, bevel for main pipelines operated under pressure up to 7.4.
  • TU14-158-116-99 and TU14-158-117-99 characterize electric-welded steel pipes of improved corrosion and cold resistance for gas and oil pipelines.
  • TU14-3-1430-87 - electric-welded pipe of the second quality may be supplied with a hydrotesting guarantee of 1.5MPa (15kgf/cm2); geometrical requirements to electric-welded pipes are decreased by 25%, and in terms of mechanical properties of pipes, by 15%

труба сварная, труба 76Electric-welded steel pipe as per GOST 10706 76 may be supplied per 4 groups:

  • A - characterizes mechanical properties;
  • B - characterizes chemical analysis;
  • C - combines chemical and mechanical properties;
  • D - according to this group, electric-welded pipes are supplied only with standardized hydraulic pressure

To supply water, welded pipe as per GOST 10706-76 with 3сп5 steel grade (conventional pipe of the second quality) is usually taken due to its relatively low price as compared to other steels and GOSTs (as a rule, these pipes are manufactured and shipped much faster than "main" pipes as per GOSTs and TUs).

Трубы электросварные, труба 2 сорт

Electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes are manufactured with one longitudinal weld; first, an outside weld is created, then the inside weld is made (pipes as per GOST 10706, 503 mm in diameter).

You can purchase steel pipes based on the price list given below. In addition, prices for steel pipe items are also found in the same price list. Electric-welded large-diameter steel pipe refers to the category of "large-diameter pipes"; minimum diameter of these pipes equals 530 mm. A longitudinal steel pipe is manufactured using welding after which every pipe is thoroughly inspected in the QCD. These steel pipes as per GOST 20295 comply with all quality standards and are not inferior to foreign equivalents in terms of characteristics.

Upon the customer's request, we can supply electric-welded pipes with diameters of 503-1,220 mm, with two- or three-layer plant insulation according to TU 14-3Р-66-03 (for main gas pipelines) and TU 14-3Р-80-04 (for main oil pipelines), and also render services for insulation of pipes the diameter of which varies from 219 mm to 1,420 mm according to the Technical Specifications.


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