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Shaped Pipes

Normative and technical requirements of shaped steel pipes are determined according to GOST 13662-86. This state standard applies to hot-deformed shaped steel, cold-deformed, electric-welded, and electric-welded cold-deformed conventional pipes from carbon steel.

Sizes of pipes comply with those specified in GOSTs 8638-57, 8639-82, 8642-68, 8644-688645-68 and GOST 8646-68. Limit deviations in sizes comply with values specified in GOST 8639-82.

Shaped pipes are manufactured from steels of Ст2сп, Ст2пс, Ст2кп, Ст4сп, Ст4пс, Ст4кп grades as per DSTU 2651 (GOST 380) and 10, 10пс, 20, 35, 45, 08кп grades as per GOST 1050. Shaped pipes are manufactured with or without heat treatment. Values of wall thickness of rectangular and square pipes vary from 10 mm to 100 mm.

Standards for shaped steel pipes: Профильные трубы

  • Rectangular steel pipes - GOSTs8645-68,30245-94,25577-83;
  • Square steel pipes - GOSTs8639-82,30245-94,25577-83;
  • Oval steel pipes - GOST8642-68;
  • Drop-shaped steel pipes - GOST8638-5;
  • Steel pipes of special shapes - GOST6856-54;
  • Plane-oval steel pipes - GOST8644-68;
  • Steel pipes with hollow edges - GOST8646-68.

Depending on the designation, square and rectangular pipes are manufactured as follows:

  • specific cut length - from 5m to 9m;
  • off-gauge length - from 1.5m to 9m;
  • length divisible by the length of cut.

Square and rectangular pipes of a specific cut and multiple lengths are manufactured with and without end trimming and de-burring.

Roll-Formed Closed Welded Steel Sections

Профильные трубыRoll-formed closed welded steel sections are manufactured according to GOST 30245-2003.

Length of sections depends on the designation:

  • specific cut length - from 80mm to 300mm;
  • off-gauge length - from 80mm to 300mm;
  • length divisible by the length of cut - from 6m to 12m.

Limit deviations in height and width of the section up to 100 mm - 1.5 mm, over 100 mm - 2 mm.

Limit deviations in length of shaped pipes of specific cut and multiple lengths shall not exceed +60 mm.

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