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Pipes, rolled steel and pipeline fittings export

eksport_trub.jpgOur company conducts the following activities related to sale of tube rolls, rolled steel and pipeline fittings since 2008 on the territory of the Russian Federation. Since 2008 our company conducts the shipping of these products to CIS and countries of the near-abroad.

We conduct steel pipes, rolled steel, pipe line elements and isolation valves export by means of railways and trucks.

Main types of the export products:

- Tube rolls (GOST 10704-91, GOST 10705-80, GOST 10706-76, GOST 20295-85, GOST 30245-2003, GOST 8645-68, GOST 8639-82, GOST 8696-74, GOST 8734-75, GOST 8732-78, ТУ 14-3Р-1128-2007, ТУ 14-3Р-50-2001, ТУ 14-3Р-55-2001, ТУ 14-3-460-2009, ТУ 14-3-190-2004, ТУ 14-3-1698-2000, and etc;

Rolled steel: (Reinforcing rod GOST 5781-82, I-beam corporate standard Association of undertakings of Iron and steel industry production standartization 20-93, Circle GOST 2590-2006, Hot rolled plates GOST 19903-74, Cold rolles plates GOST 19904-90, Metal bar GOST 103-76, Equilateral angle bar GOST 8509-93, Non-equilateral angle GOST 8510-86, Channel bar GOST 8240-89 etc.);

- Pipeline fittings (Bends GOST 17375-2001, T-branch GOST 17376-2001,Junctions GOST 17378-2001, Shutoff plates GOST 17379-2001, Flanges GOST 12820-80 and GOST 12821-80, and also different items for requirements specification and Industrial Standard for different levels of pressure and climate conditions.

- We also provide steel pipes in Urethane plastic foam isolation and in double or triple extremely intensified isolation based on extruded polyethylene and pipes with a non-standard diameter of 50 -3500 mm.

We do perform the entire customs services for products export, in particular:

- execution of export customs declaration (export declaration);

- providing of the Certificate of Origin of Goods (ST-1 form);

- providing of the Certificate of origin of Goods ("A" form);

- different kinds of expert examination related to Export control.

The main countries to where we export rolled tubes, steel and pipeline fittings:

Republic of Kazakhstan : (Atyrau, Aktyubinsk, Zhanaozen, Taraz, Karaganda, Alma-Aty, Shymkent, Aktyubinsk, Astana etc.);

Republic of Uzbekistan : (Bukhara, Karshi, Almatyk, Toytepa, Tashkent, etc);

Georgia (Tbilisi);

Turkey (Trabzon);

Republic of Azerbaijan (Baku);

And other CIS and near abroad countries.

We can qualitatively and efficiently form an order, execute and ship any products you need directly to your site at any part of CIS and near abroad countries.

We are looking forward seeing you as our customer!

If you have any questions or if you would like to place an order for a necessary products, do not hesitate to contact us via the following contact information:

- Chelyabinsk 8 (351) 211-00-70, 211-00-80, 211-00-90 or via e-mail: upsk@uralpsk.ru k.fomin@uralpsk.ru

- Moscow 8 (495) 7-888-351 or via e-mail: msk@uralpsk.ru

- Ekaterinburg 8 (343) 383-34-34 or via e-mail: ekb@uralpsk.ru

- Novosibirsk 8 (383) 286-95-64 or via e-mail: nsb@uralpsk.ru