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Elliptic Plugs

A steel plug is a part (element of the pipeline fittings) of a pipeline designed to seal (plug) branches of pipelines and pipeline structures.

There is a great variety of pipe plugs. Elliptic plugs may be manufactured with diameters varying from 32 mm to 1,020 mm. Their area of application is rather wide: they can withstand pressure up to 160 kgf/cm2, and temperature varying from 70°С below zero to 600°С above zero.

To manufacture pipe plugs, materials meeting the following standards are used: GOSTs 1050-74, 19282-73, 4543-71, 20072-74, 5632-72, carbon, alloy and stainless steel grades: 20; 09Г2С; 10Г2; 15Х5М; 12Х18Н10Т, etc.

Elliptic plugs are generally manufactured by hot stamping or gas cutting from a sheet.
заглушки трубы, заглушка стальнаяTypes of plugs:

  • Steel blind flanges
  • Flat welded plugs
  • Elliptic plugs
  • Swivel plugs
  • Spherical plugs
  • Spades
  • Quick-detachable plugs, etc.

Steel plugs are used in the oil, gas and chemical industries, etc. Such pipe plugs can withstand pressure from 6 kgf/cm2 to 160 kgf/cm2 and temperature varying from 70°С below zero to 600°С above zero.

Depending on the characteristics of sealing surfaces, the following designs of blind flanges are distinguished:

  • with a pin
  • with a joggle
  • with a cavity
  • for a gasket of oval section, etc.

Elliptic plugs as per GOST 17379-83 are designed for oil and gas, and chemical industries with operating pressure PN 10 MPa, and temperature varying from 70°С below zero to 450°С above zero.

Flat plugs are used in pipeline structures. They are manufactured pursuant to OST 34.42.833-86 and OST 34.10.758-97, and are oriented at pressure up to 10 kgf/cm2 and temperature up to +80°C. Plugs are manufactured with diameter varying from 57 mm to 1,020 mm. Pipe plugs are manufactured pursuant to TU 38.11145-83.

Sample conventional notation of the plug:

заглушки трубы, заглушки эллиптическиеDN = 159 mm, s = 8 mm, from 20 steel:

Plug 159x8 GOST 17379-83

Steel 09Г2С:

Plug 159x8-09Г2С GOST 17379-83


Table of elliptic plug sizes

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