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Electric-Welded Longitudinal Steel Pipes as per GOSTs 10704, 10705

Electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes (GOSTs 10704-91, 10705-80), dia. of 10-426 mm:

Сварные трубыElectric-welded steel pipes are pipes manufactured by molding and electric welding of sheet products or strips.

Electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes are manufactured by welding butt joints parallel to pipe axis. Electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes from carbon steel are used to lay gas pipelines and pipelines operated under pressure not exceeding 16 MPa.
Pipes are manufactured from killed (сп), semi-killed (пс), unkilled (кп) steel as per GOST 380-94, from killed (сп), semi-killed (пс) and unkilled (сп) steels 08, 10, 15, 20 as per GOST 1050-88.

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