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Main Pipes (1220, 1420)

Трубы электросварные прямошовные
монтаж газопровода
часть ветки трубопровода

Main large-diameter pipes are electric-welded pipes with diameters of 508 mm, 530 mm, 630 mm, 720 mm, 820 mm, 1,020 mm, 1,067 mm, 1,220 mm, 1,420 mm operated under high pressure.

Their primary application is main gas and oil pipelines with operating pressure up to 12.5 MPa. They can be used in various climatic conditions including regions of the Far North as well as pipelines of improved corrosion-resistance for application in aggressive environments.

These pipes may also be used for:

- water conduits
- conventional pipelines
- heating systems
- low-pressure gas pipelines
- sludge lines
- city and village gas-supply systems
- bridge construction
- vital structural elements
- etc.

Pipes may be longitudinal with one longitudinal weld along the entire pipe body (manufactured by automatic submerged arc welding of shells formed at press mills from special strips) or helical (manufactured from coiled steel by welding as well). The supplied large-diameter pipes can be manufactured from carbon and low-carbon steel grades of K34-K60 strength class.
Electric-welded large-diameter pipes may be supplied in accordance with different normative and technical documents.

1. Range of Electric-Welded Large-Diameter Pipes

2. Normative and Technical Documents

3. Steel Grades and Chemical Analysis

4. Mechanical Properties of Pipes


Price list for large-diameter pipes as per GOST 10706-76

Price list for large-diameter pipes as per GOST 20295-85 and TU

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