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Pipeline Fittings

Соединительные детали трубопроводовPipeline fittings are installed at turns, branching spots, and in the areas where pipelines are changed to and from another diameter. They ensure air-tightness, reliability and durability.

UPSK Company offers a great range of pipeline elements manufactured by leading domestic manufacturers.

You can always order principal pipeline fittings from us, namely:

Knuckle bends (GOST 17375-01, GOST 30753-01 as well as various OSTs and TUs), concentric and eccentric reducers (GOST 17378), stamped straight and reduced tees (GOST 17376-01), elliptic plugs (GOST 17379-01), flat steel flanges (GOST 12820-80), welded flat steel flanges (GOST 12821-80) of various steel grades.







Attention! Upon placement of an order, do not forget to specify:

  • for branches - bending angle of the item
  • for reducers - type (concentric or eccentric)
  • for tees - type (straight or reduced)

All products are certified.

Parts of substandard sizes may be manufactured.

For the latest availability and prices please see our Contact Details.