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Knuckle Bends (GOSTs 17375, 30753)

Отвод ГОСТ 17375Branches are pipeline fittings (part of the pipeline structure) used to change pipeline route and direction of media flow.

Branches as per GOST 30753 are an irreplaceable part of any pipeline, and currently they are in great demand among customers in such industries as the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, public utilities, metallurgy, etc. Moreover, knuckle bends are used for manufacturing different pipeline equipment.

Branch manufacturing methods:

- stamping, from pipe and sheet billets (followed by welding)
- hot drawing along the core
- bending at special press mills

Branches include: seamless knuckle bends, welded segment, stamped and welded, bent and cast. GOST 17375-2001 and GOST 30753-01 apply to seamless knuckle bends with angles of 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180° and bending radius 1DN, 1.5DN. Manufacture and characteristics of welded segment branches complies with TU 102-488-95 and OST 34 10.752-97.

Оводы гнутые ГОСТ 30753Welded branches are most often used to connect main pipelines, and to transport gas. Stamped and welded branches are manufactured in accordance with TU 102-488-95, etc.

The following normative and technical documents are applied to bent branches from 3° to 90° with increments of 1°: TU 102-488-95, TU 51-515-91, OST 36-42-81, GOST 22793-83, GOST 24950; they are manufactured from 20, 09Г2С, 15Х5М, 12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т steel grades.

Bent branches manufactured from thin-walled welded and seamless pipes are widely used in mechanical engineering, aviation industry, pipeline laying, and in the area of public utilities.

Due to their high characteristics, stainless branches are used in aggressive environments. They may be used as a part of high-pressure structures and in conditions of the Far North. They may be supplied pursuant to TU 1468-120-1411419-93, OST 34 10.418-90, OST 34 10.420-90.

Seamless welded knuckle bends as per TU from 15Х5М steel (heat and corrosion-resistant steel) withstand pressure up to 16 MPa and temperature from -70°С to +600°С.

Отвод крутоизогнутыйSample conventional notation for 90° branch, 219 mm in diameter, wall thickness 6 mm, from steel 20:

  • Branch90°-219x6 GOST17375-2001;
  • Steel09Г2С:
  • Branch90°-219x6-09Г2С GOST17375-2001

Table of knuckle bends sizes as per GOST 17375-2001
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